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Money-back guarantee

Take some time for testing out our GPS positioning systems.

We give it to you! If you as a new customer are not satisfied with the GPS positioning system you bought or our services within 3 months, then our money-back guarantee will be valid. You won’t take any risks. Your satisfaction is our ultimate ambition.

This is your benefit. If we assemble the system, you will have a contact partner. We supply you everything from one source and we have to answer for it. That’s what we also understand of service. We stand for our products.

We have faith in our products, but we have to make sure, that the hardware will be installed properly.  Therefore we can only take over a guarantee, if one of our assemblers installs the device. We’re sure you understand this, because unfortunately we had to discover that even car repair shops avoided our installation guide. The installation requires the knowledge that comes with experiences especially with new cars. The devices and/or the antennas need the visual contact to the satellites, just like any other ambulatory navigation equipment. The receivers were getting better and better, but nevertheless the satellite signals are weak and of course it depends on whether to ensure the best receipt.

A part of our business is being handled over the internet. Unfortunately we had to make the experience, that there are bold coevals. GPS systems have been ordered, installed but never been paid. Therefor our offer is perhaps also an invitation for “fun buyers”.

We have to tie in our offer with two more conditions, to put the kibosh on that buyer circle. The complete purchase price must be paid, and if we remove the systems again, the customer takes part 50% in the assembly and/or the disassembly costs. We think that’s fair, because our offer is still valid to test the system for a week, free of charge and without any commitments.

It would be a personal defeat for us, if you decide to back out against one’s expectations. But of course it would also be a call up to go into the matter of your objection. But even then, we should face each other with manners. You were able to use our GPS System and in exchange you take over 50% of the assembly costs. That’s also a part of the Fair play.

But this situation should remain fictitious according to our requirement. Nevertheless we would like to underline our commitment with the money-back guarantee. An engaged team with highly motivated developers, service oriented coworkers and a competent sales team are behind our products.

They all want to make you satisfied. That’s why we don’t only offer you the money-back guarantee. We also agree upon a term of notice of only three months and that too with a service flat rate for only 14.95 € net.


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