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Offer of the month

Here you will find a special offer every month. It contains specials, which we can only offer for a short time. For example, a GPS tool for only 1 cent.

We’re acting freely after the old saying:

You shall give away a part.
You shall spend a part.
You shall save a part.

If you would like to know, what you missed out so far, just take a view on this site of the past few months.

Our offer for the month july 2012:

Everyone, who orders GPS Business-systems with the GPS devices universal till the 31th July, gets every fifth GPS device for free. You would save EUR 299.95 net.

This is also valid for collective orders, independently of the calculation or ship-to-address.  Perhaps you know someone, who is also interested in GPS devices.

Everyone, who orders more than 10 GPS devices, receives 25% quantity deduction on the local installation, which means you would pay only EUR 66.75 net, inclusive on and departure per vehicle.

These offers are valid in each case only once for the same customer and the same order - even if we would repeat this offer again. The offers 1 and 2 can also be taken up cumulatively.
Everyone, who orders more than 10 devices, receives not only each fifth GPS equipment but also 25% deduction on assembly costs. 

If you have any questions or suggestions related to these offers, simply call or contact us through email. We are pleased about your feedback.


20. Oktober 2016

Aktuelle Verkehrsmeldungen


Aufgrund einer Kooperation mit dem ADAC erhalten unsere Kunden ständig aktuelle Staumeldungen, und zwar aufgrund der GPS-Daten der...... weiter >

17. Oktober 2016

So optimiert Bäckerei Bärenhecke ihre Tagestouren

Seit über 100 Jahren ist die Mühle und Bäckerei Bärenhecke Raiffeisengenossenschaft EG in Sachsen im Einsatz. Um dem steigenden...... more >

11. Oktober 2016

Steuern sparen mit dem Fahrtenbuch

Die einzige Möglichkeit, der Ein-Prozent-Regelung zu entkommen, ist das Fahrtenbuch. Das handschriftliche Führen eines Fahrtenbuchs ist...... more >

10. Oktober 2016


Hohes Know-how für einfache Handhabung Telematiksysteme setzen sich im Flächenmanagement immer mehr durch. Beim Kontrollieren und...... more >

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