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You’re looking for an inexpensive GPS positioning system in order to lower the monthly costs of your vehicle fleet and to capture the work time of your coworkers?

You would like to have a contact person and not several separate contracts?

A GPS system consists of several components in order to fulfill necessary tasks:

  • Hardware (black box)
  • Data transfer over portable radio
  • Server (data hosting)
  • Web portal

In addition to that the system wants to be waited and developed further, so that the application remains up-to-date. This includes necessary updates of the maps and the care and safety of the data.

In order to make the calculation easier for you, we offer everything in one package.

GPS system basic

You would like to determine the position of the vehicles, to follow the vehicles in real time (tracking), to view the routs and stops on the map,and all that from the past? Then our GPS basic solution is just right for you to a sensational entrance price.

It can’t be more favorably, because achievement and service are the center of attention, even with our basic version. We purchase the GPS devices from Germany. We adapt the configuration to the desires of our customers and our web portal is growing constantly.

In addition we’re offering a contract period warranty. If the hardware might cause problems, we’ll exchange the device immediately. You won’t be left with any risk.

Of course we can also offer you a leasing contract as in a monthly payment.

We do not want to win you as a customer only, but also keep you with our service.

We offer you everything from one source and we won’t obtain mobile communication contracts with long running times.

We don’t charge for updates or any further flat rates for maintenance. Our Service-Flatrate is an all-inclusive offer.

GPS-System Basic Compact
GPS unit Compact, led (12-36V), Attachment kit
229,95 €
Web portal basic: Google Maps Premier, Real time locating, routes, stops
48,50 €
Configuration hardware, Activation fee portable radio
21,50 €
299,95 €


Prices are net prices: EUR 356.95 including VAT.

For the data transfer over a portable radio net, the data hosting, the representation in the web portal with electronic maps (googleMaps™), updates, consultation and support amount to only EUR 14.95 net (EUR 17.79 inclusive VAT.). That is our fair monthly service flat rate (basic).

You can quit the contract at any time with a period of 3 months.


GPS system standard

Our GPS device system is developed modularly. You can change at any time to the GPS standard if you wish further evaluations over various report functions. Surcharge amounts to only EUR 75.00 net (EUR 89.25 gross). 

GPS system business

Even if you want to exchange it later with our GPS system Business, which has an electronic trip book integrated, or with a premium version with multi-function equipment in order to send the destination address to your coworkers and also into the integrated navigation software (map&guide©): Everything is possible!

We perhaps have to exchange the hardware, depending upon capacity. But the first purchase price is taken into your account to 100%. 

Just as we said, you’re taking no risks and you can set your mind at ease and start with the basic version.

Call us or contact us by email. We’ll generate an offer for a GPS positioning system free of charge and without obligation, which is cut to your personal requirements. We’ve already converted various branch solutions. Our slogan is: „We start, where others stop".  We can definitely generate even your special requests.

Or you can be convinced by simply trying out our GPS devices. Our test offer is free of charge and noncommittal. We trust on your good names. You won’t have to pay a bill.

Calculate yourself. Your cost and benefit analysis will lead to the same result, like the computation of all our customers. Starting from the first day you will save time and earn money.

Electronic driver’s logbook

Our electronic driver’s logbook standard costs EUR 374.95 net (EUR 446.19 gross).

With this you’ll already have a tax office-suited tool in your hand that makes it possible for you to simply provide the necessary evidence.

If you would like to automate the inputs further, as in to capture private trips by only pushing a button, or capture the rout of and to work without entering manual inputs, then the business version is just right for you.

You’re able to plan the routes in Google Maps™ and reconstruct them later. With the business version you will be able to represent your customers on the electronic map, which will be transferred in the logbook. This upgrade for only EUR 75.00 net (EUR 89.25 gross) pays itself off by the saved work time.

Call us or contact us through email. We’ll provide your individual offer.


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