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Testing for free

We gladly offer you our web-based GPS positioning and tracking system for testing purposes for one week. We will send you our tiny compact GPS positioning tool to you for free and without commitment. You won’t get into any costs. We just want to convince you of our goods and services and gain you as a satisfied customer.

We’ve prepared our GPS tool in a way, so that you will be able to connect the tool with the cigarette lighter in your car.
But bear in mind that later, the tools should be built in hidden under the car dashboard and professionally connected with an electrical power supply.

You will get the login details to our GPS positioning portal and by then you can track your vehicle on your computer in real time.

Of course you also have the chance to try out the other functions of our GPS tool.

If our GPS tool did not convince you, you can simply send the GPS black-box back. It won’t even pass a cent to your discount. Of course it goes without saying that this will not count, if you send a damaged and in no order working GPS tool back. So it’s an urgent request to send our tool in a packet and insured shipping back. We make a preparatory effort, so that you can convince yourself. We don’t claim any bond nor any other payment. That’s why we request you to treat our belongings carefully.

Feel free to fill in the next contact form.

kostenlos testen

Feel free to call this number on weekdays from 8:30 am – 6:00 pm, if you have any other questions or suggestions: +49 261 9735230

We will also gladly call you back.



25. Oktober 2016

Aktuelle Verkehrsmeldungen


Aufgrund einer Kooperation mit dem ADAC erhalten unsere Kunden ständig aktuelle Staumeldungen, und zwar aufgrund der GPS-Daten der...... weiter >

24. Oktober 2016

PTC: Volle Kontrolle auf der Baustelle

PTC GPS-Services unterstützt mit seinen Telematik-Lösungen das Bauunternehmen Straßenbaumeisterei Frank Warnke bei der Überwachung,...... more >

17. Oktober 2016

So optimiert Bäckerei Bärenhecke ihre Tagestouren

Seit über 100 Jahren ist die Mühle und Bäckerei Bärenhecke Raiffeisengenossenschaft EG in Sachsen im Einsatz. Um dem steigenden...... more >

11. Oktober 2016

Steuern sparen mit dem Fahrtenbuch

Die einzige Möglichkeit, der Ein-Prozent-Regelung zu entkommen, ist das Fahrtenbuch. Das handschriftliche Führen eines Fahrtenbuchs ist...... more >

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